About Us


In 1996 was the establishment of this company in the field of Office furniture on behalf of the Target Group For Office Furniture and brand name made famous by " TARGET " in Jordan at Wadi Saqra St., then opened our new branch at the Medical City St. in 2007. And deal in all the luxury furniture that carries the origin of Italian and European and Malaysian-made.

As well as offer resources in your hands with the best quality and price, and we are ready for any business venture and tenders.

TARGET Office Furniture


Our Brands


1-To adopt a indispensible life philosophy of PRODUCTION & SERVICE reliability to our customers,

2- To be the leader in DESIGN & INNOVATION which are the symbols of our brand name,
3- To present our customers with ALTERNATIVES beyond their expectations in productions & services,
4- To provide RELIABLE after sales services to our customers in the most OPEN & COMPASSIONATE way.


As we all know that, furniture which constitute on of the most significant pieces by making our life colourful are also much more important for our health and comfort , while selecting our furniture which have an indispensable place in our life according to both their appearance reflecting our personality and their intended use , we seek several important features .

These are as follows:

Durability, ergonomic structure,
Esthetic value
And Being suitable for the intended use.

With our experience gained by years, in addition to our production of furniture we have been also carrying out special projects and decoration works for hotels , Restaurants, Offices, Banks, Real estate , Establishments and ect..




To be the company of choice by providing complete solutions and ideas that positively impact our clients image and business.



The communication strategies should motivate target audiences
To purchase and recognize the brand.
- Stressing the benefits and integrity of our industry
- Continuously updating our business processes to the changing environment.
- Emphasizing our heritage of delivering the best quality services to our client base.
- Creating consistent and sustainable value for our clients.